• Exploring Music Education Opportunities for Gifted Students

    For gifted students, music education offers self-fulfilling benefits When it comes to music education, there are many choices. You could send your child to Music Connection, a Seattle-based non-profit arts organization dedicated to serving the needs of people and performers alike through direct services, strategies, programs, strategies, and materials. For a focus on Music Achievement, […]

  • Uniquely Designed Pre-school Curriculum and Teaching Methodologies

    I have been designing and preparing preschool curriculum for kids since 1996. I love to be able to reach early childhood students and get them excited about learning. Because each child’s brain is different, I need to capture them differently. Often when a youngster is having a hard time focusing on academics, he or she […]

  • Important Child Development

    Running a child care facility is a full-time job, involving interacting with children to care for them in return for their care being rendered. One of the most neglected areas in children’s care is the child’s relationship with their caregivers and service providers. Children care facilities should have a child care Supervisor and/or Head Start […]

  • Literature – What is It?

    Literature is more than just critical essays or stories. It is also defined as any work of art literary or dramatic that has a theme, as well as the basic idea of an argument. The main difference between literature and stories is that stories have a beginning, while poems, plays, etc., do not. Many people […]

  • Effective Environmental Clubs – 3 Simple Questions to Help Your School Club

    Environmental clubs are a mainstay in schools and colleges. They reflect the school’s commitment to the community and the students’ eagerness to create positive change in the world. By establishing an environmental club, students acquire skills to identify problems, investigate alternatives, and propose solutions that will contribute to a better school environment and tread lighter […]

“Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings, who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives.” 
– Rudolf Steiner

Wellspring School is an educational community committed to the development of the emotional, practical, intellectual and spiritual qualities of the child through the Waldorf model of education. Wellspring strives to build a thriving school community through providing:

• A high-quality Waldorf education for children preschool through grade eight; 
• A relationship with parents to build harmony between the school and home. The School strives to establish a common understanding of child development, the tasks of parenting and teaching, and the Waldorf curriculum; 
• A contribution to the social, cultural, civic and educational life of our local communities by sponsoring workshops, lectures and concerts as well as actively contributing to local activities in our sending towns; 
• Support for the growth of the Waldorf educational movement by our membership and participation in the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) as a Developing Waldorf School.

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