Wellspring School acknowledges that education is a gift given to the children by this school community and is not a service to be purchased by an individual family. Each parent is asked to pledge as generously as possible so that the gift of a Waldorf education can be offered to as many other children in our community as possible.

Under a pledge system everyone who supports the school chooses to do so out of their own conscience and sense of commitment, and helps make possible this education for every child who attends.

Financial Commitment and Determining your Monetary Pledge: Fees for the 2005-2006 tuition and materials are available from the school office. Annually the school community commits to raise $75,000 in funds outside of tuition in order to support this pledge system, whereby no committed family is turned away for lack of funds.

Barter Work: Families pledging below full tuition are asked to do some barter work for the school. The administrator will have a list of available jobs. In addition to those listed it is possible to design your own jobs. The faculty and administrator approve all barter and committee work. Families are held accountable for their contracted work. If barter commitments are not fulfilled, the school reserves the right to charge the family for unfulfilled contracts.


1. All returning families complete a Pledge Form and return it to the administrator in the late spring of each school year. Forms indicate tuition pledge intentions, barter preferences, and volunteer interests. All new families, whether intending to pledge the full amount or not, will have a pledge meeting as described below.

2. Following the receipt of the Pledge Form returning families pledging below full tuition have a pledge review meeting. Meetings are scheduled in May and June, and can take place at home. The pledge meeting lasts about 45 minutes and covers the tuition pledge, barter, volunteer and committee work.

3. Families pledging full tuition finalize tuition plans and volunteer committee work with the administrator prior to a contract being issued.

4. A contract is finalized after the tuition amount, payment schedule and barter and committee work agreements are reached. This contract is signed and returned to the administrator, by July 15. Ten-percent tuition deposits for the year are made by July 15 or prior to a mid-year enrollment. The balance may be paid monthly.

5. Students will not be admitted to the school until the signed contracts are returned to the office.

6. If total tuition pledging goals are not met prior to the opening of school in the fall, the Board and faculty will consider adjustments to programs and/or will ask parents for increased tuition pledges.

Parent Volunteer Participation:

During the pledge process each parent will be asked to pledge some hours towards committee work and fund-raising events. Gifts of energy and time are highly valued and greatly appreciated. Parent participation is needed for the following critical functions:

• Fund-raising events — The Silent Auction, Spring Concert and other events
• Development work to solicit private donations and grants
• Outreach and Enrollment support
• Festivals & Holiday Fair
• Administrative support
• Buildings and Grounds work